Who We Are

CommunicationWorks is a full-service public affairs firm creating high-impact media outreach, strategic communications, public awareness campaigns, and marketing strategies in support of K-12 and higher education, youth development, civil rights, and community building.

Our clients include advocacy groups and corporations; nonprofits and their funders; policy centers and action networks; educational institutions and research organizations; and national commissions and state agencies –most of whom operate at the forefront of education and policy changes taking place in the United States.

Our name suggests the values we hold: Communication works.

•    Communication works as a tool for sharing ideas, building knowledge, and influencing policy.
•    Communication works to connect diverse people and perspectives to solve problems.
•    Communication works to advance good ideas – ideas that make a difference.

Our capable, entrepreneurial staff is comprised of nationally known strategists, policy experts, media specialists, writers, and managers. We work collaboratively with clients to help build awareness for their issues, advance their agendas, and promote positive transformations  – and sometimes disruptive changes – in their fields.