“We have relied on CommunicationWorks for comprehensive public affairs services to advance Achieve’s policy agenda through three National Education Summits and our work with 22 states to raise requirements and expectations for high school graduation. Their work has included developing communications plans; writing messages, speeches, and op-ed pieces; overseeing polling research; coordinating with state leaders; and releasing reports on state policies and progress. They brought real energy, creativity, and expert solutions and earned our full confidence in managing the heavy workload that we threw their way.”

Michael Cohen
Achieve Inc.

"If Education Week is the newspaper of record in the education field, CommunicationWorks is the public affairs firm of record. Reporters and educators across 50 states now eagerly await our annual studies, Quality Counts and Technology Counts, thanks to the tireless work of the CommunicationWorks team. The clipping books of news coverage now fill an entire wall of our library. When we need public attention and strategic counsel, there's only one firm we consider."

Virginia B. Edwards
Education Week

"CommunicationWorks has helped the foundation think through and share its new mission, launched our national and state teaching fellowship programs, executed a statewide outreach campaign, attracted wide attention to our research, and expanded our reach among media and policymakers. Throughout my career, I have often turned to CW for strategic communications and media support; they always come through. Their work ranges from excellent to outstanding."

Arthur Levine
former president, Teachers College and Current President,
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

"CommunicationWorks worked with us to attract front-page media coverage nationwide for our report, Sex Education in America: A View from Inside the Nation's Classrooms. The press event and ensuing outreach coordinated by the firm has helped to engage the key stakeholders involved in shaping sex education policy and practice in a more informed discussion about the relevant issues. As a result, parents, educators and policymakers across the nation are making decisions using the new resources and informational materials developed as part of the outreach, and communities in over 46 states are hosting local meetings and using the tools as a blueprint for improving the health and future of young people."

Tina Hoff
Vice President and Director of Entertainment Media Partnerships
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

"CW planned our successful city-wide outreach campaign and leads our national policy and visibility efforts. This is a firm with deep, substantive knowledge, integrity, and a passionate commitment to improve the lives of low-income young people and the communities where they live."

Mary Anne Schmitt-Carey
Say Yes To Education, Inc.

“The firm brings a campaign intensity to its daily work. Whether it’s providing sound policy counsel, drafting messages or reports, or orchestrating news events, releases, op-ed placements, or editorial board meetings, CommunicationWorks  knows what information matters and how to showcase its importance.”

Julia E. Koppich
Education policy expert and co-author
United Mindworkers: Unions and Teaching in the Knowledge Society

"CW has helped us at every phase of our work – from drafting the strategic plan that led to the organization’s foundation to providing strategic communications advice along the way and promoting our research, resources, and the Big Idea Fest. They have a million ideas and can hone them into a long-term plan of action that can help organizations thrive and grow."

Lisa Petrides
Founder and President
The Institute for the Study of Knowledge Mangement in Education

"Last year, CommunicationWorks developed a state-of-the-art website for us, guiding us through a branding process and developing new identity materials that distilled our work and its implications for policy and practice. They have connected us to key policymakers, provided useful advice in thinking through our growth and expansion, and have helped the foundation make a giant evolutionary leap that is already paying dividends."

Glenn Holsclaw
Executive Director
Making Waves Education Foundation

CommunicationWorks keen interest in our mission, coupled with such insightful and nuanced writing, brought five years of unprecedented early literacy effort within our public media system to life in a thoughtful and compelling way. For all of us who work in public media, the report will also serve as a significant and lasting legacy of the 2005-2010 Ready to Learn initiative. Your thoughtful editorial strategy and important words will tell an enduring story.

Pamela Johnson & Barbara Lovitts
Executive Director/Ready to Learn & Director of Research and Evaluation/Ready to Learn
Corporation for Public Broadcasting